Andreas Deuter

Andreas Deuter is Professor for Computer Science in Engineering and Production at the OWL University of Applied Sciences and Arts since 2015. He is Vice Dean of the Department Production Engineering and Wood Technology and responsible for the Germanys first Bachelor degree course of study Digitalisierungsingenieurwesen. Before his appointment as Professor, he worked for 18 years in the Automation industry in several positions. He holds a PhD in computer science from the Paderborn University.

Anja Winkler

Studies in mechanical engineering 200-2006 (diploma)- since 2006 scientific assistant at TU Dresden, Institute of Lightweight Engineering and Polymer Technology- graduation Dr.-Ing. in 2016 in the field of process development for the manufacturing of function-integrative light-weight components- since 2016 team leader in the group function-integration, TU Dresden, Institute of Lightweight Engineering and Polymer Technology

Christoph Nicksch

Christoph Nicksch, M.Sc. RWTH is a research assistant at the Chair of Production Metrology and Quality Management. His research interests and key competences are in the field of automation, industry robotics and simulation of metrology-assisted processes as well as assembly. He accompanies lectures in the fields of robotic sensor systems and is speaker for robot training seminars. He coordinated consulting and implementation projects with focus on automation and metrology-assisted assembly.

Christoph Petzoldt

Christoph Petzoldt studied Systems Engineering at the University of Bremen and graduated in 2017. Until 2019, he worked in the Robotics Group of the University of Bremen in the field of machine learning. Since then, Mr. Petzoldt has been working as a researcher at the Bremen Institute for Production and Logistics (BIBA) in the Robotics and Automation department. Since 2020, Mr. Petzoldt has been head of the department Robotics and Automation.

Daniel Gräbner

2009-2012 BSc in Industrial Engineering
2012-2015 MSc in Mechanical Engineering
2015-2018 Research Associate at FWBI Forschungsgesellschaft Bremen.
Since 2018 Research Associate at University of Bremen.

Daniel Kloock-Schreiber

Daniel Kloock-Schreiber did his studies in mechanical engineering at the TU Hamburg. He currently works at the Institute of Product Development at Leibniz Universität Hannover.
He does research in the area of Product-Service Systems and System Engineering, currently in the research project SmartHybrid.

Dionisis Andronas

Mr. Dionisis Andronas owns a diploma in Mechanical and Aeronautics Engineering from the University of Patras. He is employed as a research engineer in LMS. He has been involved in EU funded projects including LIAA, VERSATILE, MERGING and SHAREWORK. He is expertise in robotics, machine elements, design and simulation tools. Moreover, he has background experience in the design and operational verification of automation resources, besides robotic cells and human robot collaboration assembly lines.

Dr. Eva-Maria Iwer

Eva Iwer is a Professor for Computer Since at Rhein Main University of Applied Sciences. She teaches students to create highly effective and modern Software.
Her research is in the area of Software Technology and Data Science.
Her goal is always to improve software by using smart technologies, innovations and data.

Dr.-Ing. Anastasiya Toenjes

Since april 2015: Research Fellow at Leibniz Institute for Materials Engineering - IWT
Since october 2019: PhD
Skills and expertise: Material characterization, heat treatment, additive manufacturing, mechanical testing, metals, design of experiments.

Frederik Schmatz

Born 1992- 2012 - 2017: studied Industrial Engineering at University Rostock with Degree Master of Science- since 2017: Research Associate at Fraunhofer IGP in Rostock, working on Human-Robot Collaboration and WebApp Development Georg Egger Diploma (2007) in Electrical Engineering with focus on Telecommunication (Graz University of Technology). Research assistant for 2 years with research activities in nanosatellites. Professional experience for 5 years as system engineer for spaceborne radar instruments. Returned to South Tyrol with positions in electrical engineering and product development. Since 2016 with Fraunhofer Italia as Senior Researcher, and currently leading the Process Automation team of Fraunhofer Italia.

Georg Egger

Diploma (2007) in Electrical Engineering with focus on Telecommunication (Graz University of Technology). Research assistant for 2 years with research activities in nanosatellites. Professional experience for 5 years as system engineer for spaceborne radar instruments. Returned to South Tyrol with positions in electrical engineering and product development. Since 2016 with Fraunhofer Italia as Senior Researcher, and currently leading the Process Automation team of Fraunhofer Italia.

Gunnar Vorwerk-Handing

I am a research associate employed at the “Institute for Product Development and Machine Elements” at Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany.

Hendro Wicaksono

Hendro Wicaksono is Professor of Industrial Engineering at Jacobs University Bremen. He is currently the head of research work group called INDEED that focuses on data management for industry 4.0 applications in supply chain management, energy management, construction, and smart cities. He received his PhD degree in mechanical engineering from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. He published more than 50 scientific articles and received more than 2.5 million Euro research grants.

Ivan Vishev

My name is Ivan Vishev. I am a doctoral student at the University of Tübingen and at Daimler AG.
My research focuses on developing algorithms for the improvement of real serial production.

Jingye Yee

Jingye is currently a PhD candidate of Mechanical Engineering in University Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia.
He specializes in system engineering and machine learning for smart diagnosis purpose.

Karl Kübler

Mr. Kübler is a research associate at the university of Stuttgart and leads the research group virtual methods for production engineering at the Institute for Control Engineering of Machine Tools and Manufacturing Units. His research interests are in virtual commissioning, test automation and simulation-based engineering.

Laura Fabiola Palatto Merino

Degree in communication.
Master´s degree in industrial engineering.
Program manager in the automotive industry.

Lennart Markus Steinbacher

Lennart Steinbacher received his Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering and Management Sciences from RWTH Aachen University. His thesis dealt with the optimization of structural parameters of neural networks, which were used to control robotic arms. In his research work, he deals with the control of production systems using digital twins.

Linda Salma Angreani

My name is Linda Salma Angreani. I am from Indonesia. I am a PhD Student in Computer Science at Jacobs University Bremen. I have work experiences as Information Systems Lecturer, CIO , IT Advisor and IT Auditor in Indonesia.

Liv Rittmeier

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Mechatronics and Production Engineering)
06/2014-12/2016: Research Associate at PZH Hannover
01/2017-now: Research Associate at Institute for Adatronics and Function Integration (now Mechanics and Adaptronics), TU Braunschweig,

Lukas Hartmann

Mr. Hartmann studied Industrial Engineering at the TU Darmstadt. He is a deputy group leader at the Institute for Production Management, Technology and Machine Tools (PTW) at TU Darmstadt. His research activities focus on lean production, digitization, the design of value streams in the Industry 4.0 and on data analysis.

Majid Sodachi

Majid Sodachi is a Ph.D. student of International Logistics at the Department of Mathematics and Logistics under the supervision of Dr. Omid Fatahi Valilai in Jacobs University Bremen (JUB).

Markus Kreutz

After finishing my masters degree in physics at the University of Bremen in 2016, I worked in the industry for 1.5 years before starting my occupation as a research scientist at the BIBA institute.

Marvin Müller

2010-2013 Bachelor of Engineering in a dual course of study at the DHBW and the Progress Werk Oberkirch AG
2013-2016 Master's degree at the Karlsruher Institute of Technology
2017-now Research assistant at the Institute for Production management, Technology and Machine tools, Technical University of Darmstadt.

Melina Massmann

2018-2019: Fraunhofer IEM research associate Production Planning
2019 - now: University Paderborn research associate Advanced Systems Engineering

Minerva Gabriela Vargas Gleason

Minerva Vargas Gleason obtained a master of science in information and automation engineering from the University of Bremen, Germany in 2017. Bachelor in industrial robotics in Mexico, 2013. In 2011, she made an exchange semester in Japan. During her master studies, she worked as Student Assistant for the Institute for Artificial Intelligence, writing her master's thesis in this field. Currently, she is employed at the IMSAS, where she works on her PhD on fabrication of microsensors.

Miriam Handrup

Miriam Handrup, M. Sc., born 1994, studied mechanical engineering at the Leibniz University Hannover. Since 2018 she is a research assistant at the IFW.

Mohamda Alameh

Obtained his bachelor degree from CNAM-Paris in Computer Engineering in 2008.Started his professional career since 2004, in different computer fields (IT, Software development,etc. ).
Later on, he obtained his Masters degree in Information and Decision Support Systems from Lebanese University - Beirut in 2014.
Joined the University of Genoa in 2017, as a Ph.D student in COSMIC Lab, DITEN.

Mohsin Lakhani

Student Research Assistant at Fraunhofer IEM in Paderborn. Works in the research area of Deep Reinforcement Learning and its application in robotic systems. Finished his Masters in Computer Engineering at University of Paderborn in 2020.

Mona Bakr

Mona Bakr is a PhD researcher in (CMST) Centre for Microsystems Technology, Ghent, Belgium. CMST is an imec associated research lab at Ghent University, where she is doing her PhD on “Integration of electronics in plastics using injection molding process”. She holds B.S. degree in materials science and engineering from the German University in Cairo, Egypt and M.S. degree in materials science engineering from Stuttgart University and Fraunhofer IPA, Germany.

Morice Daudi

Dr.-Ing. Morice Daudi Tegeje is a member of academic staff in the department of Computing Science Studies (CSS), Faculty of Science and Technology (FST), Mzumbe University. He lectures, researches, and consults in computing sciences as well as related technologies.

Muhammad Fajrul Falah

Muhammad Fajrul Falah received the B.E. degree in computer engineering program from Politeknik Elektronika Negeri Surabaya, Indonesia, in 2018. He is currently working toward the M.Eng. degree in electrical engineering master program, Politeknik Elektronika Negeri Surabaya. His current research interests include digital twin, virtual engineering, internet of things, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence.

Osman Altun

10/2018:Degree in mechanical engineering, M.Eng after a work-study program with Continental AG and University of Applied Science Hanover
since 02/2019: Researcher at Institute of Product Development, Leibniz University Hannover Working in the Research Group: Methods of Product Development
Fields of Research: Scaling and Similitude techniques, Digital twins, Development of test rigs.

Patrick Georgi

My Name is Patrick Georgi. Since 2018 I'm a research assistant at the Institute for Machine Tools IfW at the University of Stuttgart. I graduated from the University of Stuttgart in 2018 with a Masters Degree in Materials and Production Engineering. Before my time at the IfW, I already had my first engineering experience at the Fraunhofer IPA and at Rolls-Royce in Oberursel. Before that I completed an apprenticeship as a cutting machine operator and then as a state-certified technician.

Philip Johannes Steinbild

Studied mechanical engineering at the Technische Universität Dresden and is working as a research associate at the Institute for Lightweight Engineering and Polymer Technology of the TU Dresden since 2017.

Philipp Schorr

PhD in Mechanical Engineering
Research Interests:

  1. - Multibody Dynamics
    - Soft Robotics

Raphael Kiesel

Work Experience: Group Leader & Research Assistant at Fraunhofer IPT since 2017Educationsince 2018: MBA Student at Collège des ingénieurs since 2017: PhD Student at RWTH Aachen2010 - 2017: Master of Science in Business Administration & Engineering at RWTH Aachen2015-2016: Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering at UW Madison.

Robert Wegert

Since July 2018: Research Assistant - Metal Cutting, Institute for Machine Tools, University of Stuttgart Since March 2018: Master of Science (Mechanical Engineering / Materials and Production Engineering), University of Stuttgart

Sascha Lauer

2009-2015: University of Rostock mechanical Engineering in 2014: training for welding engineer2013-2015: student assistant in the department of new materials and adhesion and automation department at the Fraunhofer IGP2015-now research engineer in the automation department at the Fraunhofer IGP: main focus is welding automation and prototype construction.

Seyed Sina Shabestari

I am a PhD with the main interest on the applications of the data science in the development process.

Simon Nicolas Gottwald

Master of Science degree in computer-aided engineering at the Leibniz University of Hannover. Currently working as a research assistant at the Institute of Transport and Automation Technology. Specialized in the field of control engineering.

Stefan Pfeifer

Stefan Pfeifer, studied mechanical engineering focusing process engineering at the University of Braunschweig. Afterwards, he worked in the product development of a medical company in Berlin, where he gained practical experience in Systems Engineering. Since the beginning of 2018, he is working as a research associate at Fraunhofer IEM. Meanwhile he is responsible as group leader for the group Development Methodology and Management.

Stefan Bosse

Stefan Bosse is teaching and researching as a Privatdozent at the University of Bremen, Department of Computer Science, and in the years 2018/2019 he was an interim professor at the University of Koblenz-Landau, Faculty Computer Science, Institute of Software Technologies. His main research area is distributed artificial intelligence in general, and in particular information processing using agent-based approaches combined with machine learning, and agent-based simulation.

Steve Zimmer

Steve Zimmer is an engineer at Mercedes-Benz AG and a PhD student the University of Dresden. After his studies in mechanical engineering with the focus of lightweight construction, he started his PhD thesis in 2016.The doctoral thesis treats the vehicle integration of wireless charging systems.

Tatyana Sheveleva

Research assistant at the Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology and member of the sub-project Research Data Management Tailored Forming of the Collaborative Research Centre,

Thorsten Wuest

Dr. Thorsten Wuest is an assistant professor and J. Wayne and Kathy Richards Faculty Fellow in Engineering at West Virginia University and globally recognized as one of SME's 20 most influential professors in smart manufacturing. Dr. Wuest has co-authored 3 books and more than 130 refereed journal and conference articles gathering over 2,470 citations to-date. He received several awards for his work incl. outstanding teacher of the year 2019, SME Journal Award, and best review paper award.

Vanessa Kirchner

Last year, I completed my master of media informatics in Tübingen. Within the last year of my studies, I researched for the Mercedes-Benz AG in Stuttgart and completed my master thesis resulting in this publication.

Xuqi Bai

I obtained my Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from Jacobs University Bremen in 2019. Currently, I am pursuing a Master of Science in Technology, Innovation, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship at RWTH Aachen University. At the same time, I am working as a research assistant for the INDEED research group at Jacobs University on topics of ergonomics and data analytics in the energy sector.