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5th International Conference on System-Integrated Intelligence - Intelligent, Flexible and Connected Systems in Products and Production

November 11th (Wed.) to 13th (Fri), online. Hosted by the University of Bremen.


Welcome to the 5th International Conference on System-Integrated Intelligence!

SysInt 2020 provides a forum for academia and industry to disseminate their latest innovations and practices in the field of system-integrated intelligence. The focus is on integration of new, intelligent functionalities into materials, components, systems and products to enable future technologies with enhanced capabilities. Join the online conference to learn about the newest development in this subject area.

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Virtual Tours

Explore with us the facilities at BIBA with the video “Digitalization in production and logistics - A day at BIBA”:

Join is in our tour through IMSAS (Institute for Microsensors, -actuators and -systems):

Let's get to know Fraunhofer IFAM, by learning about one interesting project:

For our German speaking participants, we have further interesting videos of Fraunhofer's projects:


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